Crucible with red-hot cast iron © Copyright: Gießerei-Institut

Technology at the highest level! We always have our finger on the pulse. Our research areas and expertise include: light metal casting, iron casting, precision casting, molding materials, bionics, quality assurance

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Corrosion and Corrosion Protection

Micrograph from a triplex specimen © Copyright: Gießerei-Institut

Our research areas and expertise include: Materials for lightweight construction, Materials for high-temperature applications, and Metals for medical technology.

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Simulation of the component distortion © Copyright: Gießerei-Institut

The properties of the casting are created during solidification and cooling. Modern simulation models already represent a large number of metallurgical and process engineering factors that shape these properties at different scale levels.

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Additive Manufacturing

© Copyright: Foundry Institut, RWTH

Additive manufacturing has gained enormous importance in recent years, as it offers great potential for the rapid production of geometrically complex components. Thus, customized and near-contour components can be produced.

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