Electrochemical methods

Standard direct and alternating current corrosion measuring cells, e.g.

    • Potentiodynamic / static polarisation
    • Galvanodynamic / static polarisation
    • Corrosion potential measurements
    • Impedance spectroscopy

Rotating electrode Avesta cells 

    • Critical pitting and crevice potentials
    • Crevice-free corrosion measurements
    • Contact corrosion (galvanic corrosion)

Degradation test bed with hydrogen determination

    •   For testing Mg

Intercrystalline corrosion testing

Environmental chamber


    • new VDA - changing test
    • inclusive freezer unit


High temperature

Thermogravimetric-Differential thermal analysis/DSC

    •  Linseis STA PT1750

X-ray diffractometer with high temperature chamber up to 900°C

    • PANalytical Imperial

Precision semi-micro balance

    • Satorius

Stress crack corrosion

Slow tensile testing machine with integrated medium container

    •  Kappa 100DS, Messphysik Materials Testing GmbH

X-ray diffractometer

X-ray diffractometer

    • PANalytical Imperial
    • High temperature chamber up to 900°C

Other analytics

Hydrogen analyzer

    • LECO RH404

Hydrogen load

    • from the gas phase