Aluminium melt purity

A prerequisite for providing high quality castings is, besides a good melting and process technology, a detection method for impurities. Considering its economic aspects, it is necessary to be able to on-line analyse the melt prior to pouring which cannot be achieved using classical methods such as metallography or a PoDFA techniques. At the Foundry Institute, the individual discharges are both analysed using an ultrasonic-based measuring principle to determine the impurities in the liquid melt, and the melt purity and phase formation is also controlled in the solid mass using emission spectroscopy.

Precision from the melt

To increase the production accuracy during the manufacturing of cast components, research is carried out at the Foundry Institute into the basic relationships between component distortion and the diverse influencing parameters during the solidification and further cooling. The integrated approach to research involves both experimental in-situ investigations of solidification processes and their influence on the distortion phenomena as well as multi-scalar numerical simulations of anisotropic grain structures, the computed local properties and the development of residual stresses.